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Teaching is something that means a lot to me. I've been lucky enough to have studied with some of the great master drum instructors through the years. They've given me loads of valuable information and I feel I can make a significant contribution simply by passing it along.


Of all of my instructors, the most important was undoubtedly the great Joe Morello. Joe, who passed away in the summer of 2011, played drums on the bulk of Dave Brubeck's most important records, and was perhaps best known for his legendary solo on Take Five. Joe was a student of George L. Stone (Stick Control) and Billy Gladstone. 













I had my first lesson with Joe in April 1998. Initially I thought I would only need one session, but quickly realized that was only the beginning. Joe would go on to change my life through his instruction on hand technique. He went way beyond simply how to hold the stick or gain speed. He taught me how to successfully manipulate the drums through a deep knowledge of sound production. 


I was also fortunate to develop a great mentor relationship with Jim Chapin. Jim was a student of Sanford Moeller, the original compiler of the Moeller system. The Moeller Technique, as it's been dubbed, is a buzz word in our business. Unfortunately, it's most often taught incorrectly by people who fail to understand its essence. So I figured I should go straight to the source. Jim Chapin was Moeller's finest pupil and he has passed on some of Moeller's most valuable lessons, helping to instill in me the best methods for safe loud-volume sound production.












I am grateful to have received endorsements from both men. They have encouraged me to pass on what I've learned and I've been more than happy to do so. I've also gone a step further: I've taken their techniques and, through my own process of trial and error, figured out how to apply them to many forms of modern music. 




If you want to learn more, I'm available for lessons at my private studio. 


I have over a decade of teaching experience, including a position at Los Angeles College Of Music where I taught classes and private lessons for over 10 years alongside Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro


My rates vary depending on the student and skill level. I can teach through Skype – around the world – if necessary. 


Reach me on the contact page here for more info.




"I am a professional player with over 30 years experience. I was having issues with my own technique and also growing increasingly disenchanted with teaching. Working with Matt Starr has been an exceptional and revelatory experience. His lessons have expanded far beyond just snare drum technique. My sound has opened up globally, and I also feel I now have a consistent, practical and grounded teaching approach to use with my own students. Matt Starr is a hands master. This is the best call I have made in years."

Mike Englander (Wicked, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra)


“His technique is flawless. Matt Starr is a beast, hands down.”

Chaun Horton (Macy Gray, Natasha Beddingfield)


“Of all the people who have studied with me, I can‘t think of anybody who understands this technique better than you."

Joe Morello (drumming legend, author of Master Studies)


The Real Matt Starr is available for remote drum tracks, as a touring drummer / live drummer and for lessons. Go to the Contact page for more info.

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