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My recording space was designed with the expert advice of legendary engineer Rich Breen (Yellowjackets, Oregon). Based in a secured, quiet building in North Hollywood, the 15 x 15 studio was constructed in a baseball diamond shape, has an unfinished concrete floor (responsible for really nice room tone) and a solid brick wall. The walls and ceiling have also been tuned and treated with custom-built Augsberger panels and bass traps. The room sounds great and opens up into a giant warehouse when a large room sound is desired.


My microphone locker contains a mix of all the essentials for capturing great sounds including Coles 4038s, Sennheisers, Heiserman Audio, Pearlman, AKG, Beyerdynamic, and Shure. Interface and A/D conversion are by Metric Halo and pre amps and outboard EQs by API, Daking and BAE. Dynamics include Empirical Labs Distressors and much more.


Software highlights include the latest version of Pro Tools and various great plugins from Native Instruments, Waves, SoundToys, Slate, Metric Halo and more. Programming is done using Native Instruments Battery with tons of custom sounds.


And let's be honest, the most important part is the drums and the guy playing them. I have several kits to choose from:


A vintage 1980's Gretsch kit- 10", 12", 13", 14", 16" toms and 18", 22" and 24" bass drums. A 1970's Slingerland kit- 14", 18" toms and 26" bass drum. 1965 Ludwig Super Classic - 13" and 16" toms and a 22" bass drum. A 1970s Pearl Fiberglass Concert Tom Kit  - 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15" and 16" and a 22" bass drum. Finally there is my DW Santa Monica Kit (vintage Camco vibe) - 13” and 16”toms with a 22" bass drum.


I have many snare drums, including various vintage drums -Ludwigs, WFL, Slingerland Radio King, Pearl, DW, Keplinger, custom drums by Chris Heuer and many others.


I'm a cymbal-holic and a die-hard Sabian endorsee. I have tons of great cymbals for tracks and even a few vintages.


Please see the photos page or visit my Instagram for pictures of the latest gear.



As a player, I have years of experience recording a range of styles, including singer-songwriter, pop, rock and R&B as well as jazz and fusion instrumental music. You can see who I've played with and listen to my sound by visiting the other pages on this site.


Services I offer include: playing drums, percussion and setting up loops and programming. I can also help produce your music and connect you with some of the best players in Los Angeles.

For samples of the sounds I'm getting, please go to the listen page on this site as well as my Instagram page and reach out to me on the contact page or message me on Instagram to discuss working together!


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